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Use Your Words - List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge

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Use Your Words [Aug. 14th, 2009|08:25 pm]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge


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Originally posted: July 31, 2009.

I don't know if you have any illusions about how I do these, but prompt lists are basically a response to my "Shiny! = Must share!" reflex and Generation Kill is very shiny. I was going to do a single-fandom list and then there was the Steve/Tony Big Bang and , um. See above.

Warning: these stories contain gen, het, femslash, slash, threesomes, hookers, threesomes with hookers, dubcon, noncon, torture, character death, character sort-of-maybe-death, suicide, resurrections, spaceships, crossovers, vampires, kidfic, kink, strap-ons, useless superpowers, witches, true love, genderswap (always a girl version), genderswap (boy to girl version), termination of a pregnancy, zombies, alternate universes, crossdressing, and gay chicken.

01. An Ever Fixed Mark (Steve/Tony) [Avengers] {Genderfuck}
02. Exactly Under the Star (Steve/Tony) [Avengers] {Spaceman}
03. Legacy of the Fallen (Various) [Blade: Trinity] {Transformation}
04. Break my fall (Wes/Illyria) [Angel] {Resurrection}
05. Who Would Win? (Xander/Buffy) [BtVS] {Argument}
06. Sparks (Giles/Xander) [BtVS] {Overload}
07. This Is What’s Next and Mr. Kirk of Iowa (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot/The West Wing] {Fusion}
08. Untitled (gen) [RPF/Stargate Atlantis] {Trapped}
09. Angel of Fire (Brad/Nate, Crowley/Aziraphale) [Generation Kill/Good Omens] {Hail Fellow}
10. Ask me no questions (Tony/Shawn) [Iron Man/Psych] {Chance Met}
11. Boys Are Dying Tonight From This Kind of Thing (Brad/Nate, Rudy/Pappy) [Generation Kill] {Dream}
12. Makes Me Wanna Scream (Various) [Generation Kill] {Threesome}
13. Bravo's Kingdom Come, A Red Horse (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Not Only Human}
14. Closed Without a Scar (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Fight}
15. Combat Jack (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Repression}
16. da bigga, da blacka mustache (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Beginnings}
17. Don’t Lick Your Fingers When You Turn the Page (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Ink}
18. Going Nowhere Slowly (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Reunion}
19. Mastery (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Bonds}
20. Nate the Pimp (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Accidental}
21. Plan Well-Laid (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] celebrate {Celebrate}
22. Pleasure Over Propriety (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Porn}
23. Stumble (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Caught}
24. Tell Me to Walk Through Fire (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Soldier Boy}
25. The Temptation of the LT (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Tactile}
26. Two Ships Passing in the Night (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Fantasy}
27. Umoja, The Sea, and Traveling Soldier (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Child}
28. Wine Sipping Communists (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {AU}
29. A Verb For Falling In Love (Serena/Blair) [Gossip Girl] {Future}
30. Nine Things You Never Knew About Her (And One You Finally Did) (Helga/Arnold) [Hey Arnold!] {Angst}
31. One Plus One (Charlie/Dani) [Life] {She}
32. Inside Outright (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin] {Strangers}
33. Trust Me (gen) [RPF] {Culture Clash}
34. Give Me Empathy (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF] {ESP}
35. l'essential est invisible pour les yeux (Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto) [RPF] {Protection}
36. Frogs Out There Who Used To Be People (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF] {Fuck or Die}
37. Never Enough (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF] {Don't Ever Refrain}
38. Sweet Dreams (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross) [RPF] {In the Night}
39. House of the Living (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert) [RPF] {Survivor}
40. Love in the Time of Paper Clips (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert) [RPF] {Kink}
41. White Rabbit (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen/Katy Allen) [RPF] {Not a Crowd}
42. Graven Image (Kirk/Spock) [Star Trek] {Doppelganger}
43. Exile (Garak/Bashir) [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine] {Healer}
44. A Brief Discourse on the Benefits of Gravity (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot] {In a Strange Land}
45. That Barn Door Is Wide Open (Kirk/Marcus) [Star Trek: Reboot] {First Time}
46. a left turn in the finals (Kirk/Sulu) [Star Trek: Reboot] {Outed}
47. Listening To Hear Where You Are (Kirk/Spock/Uhura) [Star Trek: Reboot] {Skirt}
48. Scraped Knees and Bandaids (gen) [Supernatural] {Hurt/Comfort}
49. The Harkness Variations (Various) [Torchwood] {Never Happened}
50. For Captain and Cardiff (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Rescue}