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But What If... - List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge

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But What If... [Aug. 14th, 2009|08:19 pm]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge


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Originally posted: June 15, 2009.

I'll cop to it: this is mostly to get these out of my files and onto the web. But! It's also a legitimate theme, and a nice counterpart to another list I'm working on, on taking "mundane" fandoms and writing sf/f stories.

Warning: these stories contain gen, het, femslash, slash, threesomes, dubcon, snuff (it's Jack...he gets better!), alien space babies, time travel, hookers, apocalypses, incest, noncon, and crossovers.

01. After All the Stars Fall (Jack/Ianto/Tosh) [Torchwood]
02. Aliens exist (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
03. Amazing (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
04. Birthright (Zeke/Casey, Stan/Stokely) [The Faculty/The X-Files]
05. Blinkers (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
06. Chronologic (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
07. Could Be (Xander/Oz) [BtVS]
08. Dear Captain, Last Night I Slept in Mutiny... (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
09. Enough (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
10. Fools and Drunkards (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
11. Hunger (John/Teyla, John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
12. I Love You Like I Love Pizza (Kirk/Gaila) [Star Trek: Reboot]
13. Joanna (Kirk/McCoy) [Star Trek: Reboot]
14. Joyboy (Kirk/Spock) [Star Trek]
15. Life Line (Sylar/Mohinder) [Heroes]
16. Like Wile E. Coyote (Dean/Castiel) [Supernatural]
17. Love, Gaila (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot]
18. Mistletoe Is Poisonous (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
19. Moonhunt (Jim/Blair) [The Sentinel]
20. Our Bodies Could Fall Off the End of the World (Remus/Sirius) [Harry Potter]
21. Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
22. Practical Volitation (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
23. Quantum is a just fancy word for "hell if I know" (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
24. Red, Pink, White (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
25. Redemption Song (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot]
26. Reunion (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot]
27. Rodney Meets the Winchesters (gen) [Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis]
28. She Serves (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot]
29. Shiny Prize (Jack/Ianto, Jack/Doctor) [Torchwood]
30. Sisters (gen) [BtVS]
31. sometimes (I wish) (Matt/Mohinder) [Heroes]
32. Strawberry Road (Buffy/Faith) [BtVS]
33. Surrender (Clark/Lex) [Smallville]
34. Tactile Pleasures (Kirk/Spock) [Star Trek: Reboot]
35. Term of Service (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
36. That Whole John Connor Thing (Dean/Castiel) [Supernatural]
37. The Apostate (Various) [Constantine]
38. The Awakening (Jim/Blair) [The Sentinel]
39. The Fifth Portent of the Apocalypse of Bees (Xander/Giles) [BtVS]
40. The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride (Sam/Dean) [Supernatural]
41. The Supply of Time (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
42. The thin chain of next moments (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
43. The Way Things Change (Remus/Sirius) [Harry Potter]
44. Three Sided Square (Jack/Sam/Daniel) [Stargate SG-1]
45. To the End (Jack/Ianto, Jack/Estelle) [Torchwood]
46. A Trip in the Tardis (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
47. Two Doctors Walk Into a Bar (gen) [Stargate Atlantis/Doctor Who]
48. Vulnerable (Nathan/Peter) [Heroes]
49. What Might Have Been Series (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
50. When Trust is a Thing Not Given and Water Is Taught by Thirst (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]