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I Like It Rare - List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge

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I Like It Rare [Dec. 4th, 2008|07:02 pm]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge


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Yes, I know, third small fandoms list in less than five months. But in my defense, small fandoms are often really, really good, if only because there fans tend to be all kinds of devoted. Once again, I've included crossovers only if both fandoms are small fandoms.

Warning: gen, het, slash, femslash, genderswap, voyeurism, crossdressing, kink, noncon, dubcon, and hurt/comfort.

01. Classic-verse (Hank/Jan, Steve/Tony) [Avengers] (Series in Progress)
02. The Roughest Day (Steve/Tony) [Avengers]
03. Temperance (Brennan/Angela) [Bones]
04. Just Desserts (Various) [Hikaru no Go/Antique Bakery]
05. The Dresden Omens (Harry/Marcone) [Good Omens/The Dresden Files]
06. K&R Series (Various) [Entourage] (Series in Progress)
07. Misconceptions (Jack/Nathan) [Eureka]
08. Phases 1 - 5, or, Experimentation, A.I. Style (Jack/Nathan) [Eureka]
09. The One Where the Super-Charged Pheromone Experiment Went Awry (Jack/Nathan) [Eureka]
10. The perils of joint tenancy (Jack/Nathan) [Eureka]
11. Blossoming (Shindou/Touya) [Hikaru no Go]
12. Good Luck Charm (gen) [Hikaru no Go]
13. Issues (Shindou/Touya) [Hikaru no Go]
14. Just Add Water (Shindou/Touya) [Hikaru no Go]
15. Life Imitates Art (Shindou/Touya) [Hikaru no Go]
16. A Resolution of Territory (Shindou/Touya) [Hikaru no Go]
17. Tedomari (Shindou/Touya) [Hikaru no Go]
18. While You Were Away (Shindou/Touya) [Hikaru no Go]
19. Main Attraction (Various) [Iron Man]
20. What Has Happened Between Us (Charlie/Ted) [Life]
21. And That Word Must Be Clear (Various) [Merlin]
22. August (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
23. Misrule (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
24. The Battle of the Trifles (gen) [Merlin]
25. The Chatter of Britain (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
26. the history of everything (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
27. Three Castles, Parts 1and 2 (Arthur/Merlin) [Merlin]
28. White Wedding (Naruto/Gaara, Kakashi/Iruka) [Naruto]
29. Angels and Heroes and Legends and Myths (gen) [NCIS]
30. Playing the Odds (Tony/Gibbs) [NCIS]
31. Risking It All (Tony/Gibbs) [NCIS]
32. Watched Over (Hiromasa/Seimei) [Onmyoji]
33. Crease Patterns (Michael/Mahone, Michael/Sara) [Prison Break]
34. Find Yourself Smiling (Michael/Mahone, Michael/Sara) [Prison Break]
35. Your New Twin Sized Bed (Michael/Mahone, Michael/Sara) [Prison Break]
36. In the Prison of His Days (Shawn/Lassiter) [Psych]
37. Interventions and Other Ploys (Shawn/Gus) [Psych]
38. Her Favorite Plum (Spencer/Ashley) [South of Nowhere]
39. How You Do What You Do Is Who You Are (Various) [Studio 60]
40. Good Timing (gen) [The Dresden Files]
41. Ciudad de Estrellas (Dom/Brian) [The Fast and the Furious]
42. Female Trouble, Male Trouble, and Just Trouble (Various) [The Fast and the Furious]
43. Street Rat, Too Much Tequila and Truth, and Getting the Head Screwed On (Dom/Brian) [The Fast and the Furious]
44. The Devil You Know (Brian/Verone, Dom/Brian) [The Fast and the Furious]
45. Mad Love (Vic/Shane) [The Shield]
46. my shoes lined with nickels (Bumblebee/Sam) [Transformers]
47. Spots (gen) [Transformers]
48. How Bad Organisational Skills Will Lead You Astray (Takaba/Asami) [Viewfinder]
49. This story has no flashy title, yet (Takaba/Asami) [Viewfinder]
50. Cuffed (Lindsy/Cindy) [Women's Murder Club]