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The Words You Wield - List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge

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The Words You Wield [Aug. 14th, 2009|08:26 pm]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge


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Originally posted: July 31, 2009.

First flush of infatuation for Generation Kill + Steve/Tony Big Bang = Must share NOW.

Warning: these stories contain gen, het, slash, threesomes, character death, resurrections, time travel, kink, crossovers, mob AUs, PTSD, telepathy, age regression, genderswap (always a girl version), strap-ons, pon farr (actually a warning, there's creepiness that I can't really categorize), pregnancy (male and female!), alien aphrodisiacs, orgasm denial, platonic life-partners, and Brad Colbert killing dragons - I cannot emphasize enough how much I would like a hundred stories about that, please.

01. Conjugate (Steve/Tony) [Avengers] {Switch}
02. This time tomorrow (where were we?) (Steve/Tony) [Avengers] {Erase/Rewind}
03. What Tomorrow May Bring (Steve/Tony) [Avengers] {In Your Head}
04. Substitute (gen) [BtVS] {Hurt/Comfort}
05. Moving On (Wes/Illyria) [Angel] {Ceremony}
06. Normal (Buffy/Xander/Oz) [BtVS] {Not Only Human}
07. Misery...esque (gen) [Castle] {Watching}
08. Smoking Gun (gen) [Criminal Minds] {Olfactory}
09. I walk a mile in bloody shoes (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot/Doom] {Aggression}
10. Symmetry in Orbit (River/Chekov) [Star Trek: Reboot/Firefly] {Hail Fellow}
11. The Almost Exception (Pete Wentz/Spencer Reid) [RPF/Criminal Minds] {Chance Met}
12. Adventures in Babysitting (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Manipulation}
13. Encore (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Morning After}
14. A Few Simple Rules (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Denial}
15. Made From Scratch (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Celebrate}
16. A Mexican and a Jew Walk Into a KKK Rally (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Friendship}
17. On How Sergeant Colbert is Nothing At All Like Winnie the Pooh, and Other Important Lessons That Can Be Learned While Observing the Sergeant Laying under a Jeep (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {One Step Removed}
18. Open Terrain (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Tactile}
19. Semper Fidelis Familia and this snippet (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Family}
20. Sir Brad the Dragon Slayer (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Conquering Hero}
21. Six Hours (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Control}
22. Some Stay (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {First Time}
23. Sounds Familiar (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {This Sentimentality}
24. Stress Management (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Aftermath}
25. the echo of wind (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {ESP}
26. the promise of monsters (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Soldier Boy}
27. The Road Not Taken (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {A Different Path}
28. Unable and Unwilling (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Better Late}
29. Yield (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Push}
30. Yours, Mine and Ours (Brad/Nate) [Generation Kill] {Inevitable}
31. Heroes Never Die (Except When They Do) (John/Matt) [Live Free or Die Hard] {Death}
32. It Might Be Instamatic Flu (gen) [RPF] {Regression}
33. Ya Habibi (gen) [RPF] {Dance}
34. Please do not try these tricks at home (Various) [RPF] {Porn}
35. Bust Your Move (Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas) [RPF] {School Days}
36. Size Queen (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) [RPF] {Toys}
37. Keeping Count (Brendon Urie/Shane Valdez) [RPF] {Submission}
38. Stop the clock (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF] {Embrace}
39. Proselytizing (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert) [RPF] {Lesson}
40. Serious Moonlight (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert) [RPF] {Rave}
41. take this sinking boat (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert) [RPF] {Break-up}
42. What Makes Thee Human (Kirk/Spock) [Star Trek] {Repression}
43. Ten Punishments, or, The Decalogue According to Elim Garak (Garak/Bashir) [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine] {Sinner/Saint}
44. Population Explosion (Various) [Star Trek: Reboot] {Pregnancy}
45. Tea and Dinosaurs (In Space!) (Kirk/McCoy) [Star Trek: Reboot] {Invalid}
46. It's the Grammar of Skin (peel it back, let me in) (Kirk/Spock/Uhura) [Star Trek: Reboot] {Want}
47. Optimist (Kirk/Spock/Uhura) [Star Trek: Reboot] {Doomed}
48. Such Friends Are Dangerous (Sam/Jess) [Supernatural] {Fool for Love}
49. Guard Them, and Him Within (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {In a Strange Land}
50. Never The End (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Transformation}

From: ropalyra
2011-04-09 12:06 pm (UTC)
Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

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