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What Fourth Wall? [Aug. 14th, 2009|08:22 pm]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge


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Originally posted: July 6, 2009.

It's not just bandom this time! And you know what? I blame YOU, fandom. I have never even seen an episode of American Idol! I've never even heard clips! And yet, here we are. Although, okay, the Gossip Girl RPF is totally my fault, but when there's a clip of Blake Lively and girl-on-girl spanking, how do you say no to the fic? Anyway.

Warning: these stories contain gen, het, femslash, slash, threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, pegging, porn, spanking, kink, dubcon, noncon, UST, character death, resurrections, sociopaths, serial killers, pirates, psychics, infidelity, genderswap (always a girl version), crossdressing, prostitution, and slavery.

01. Bed of Roses (gen) [RPF]
02. Bob Bryar's Worst Day Ever (gen) [RPF]
03. A Different Kind of Love Story (gen) [RPF]
04. HATERS TO THE LEFT (or: How Kris Allen Learned to Embrace His Inner Kanye) (gen) [RPF]
05. (I Think You’re) Crazy (gen) [RPF]
06. cadenza (and so he confessed it to her) (Various) [RPF]
07. Lights Never Shine As Bright As in the Movies (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, Shane Valdez/Alex DeLeon) [RPF]
08. Nightingale (And Not the Lark) (Various) [RPF]
09. The Line Between Us and Them and The Rules of Battleship (Various) [RPF]
10. the second one (or: Adventures at JerseyCon) (Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, Brian Schechter/Frank Iero) [RPF]
11. The Summer of, Like, Unicorns (Various) [RPF]
12. The Uncharted Sea (Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, Brendon Urie/Jon Walker) [RPF]
13. Warm Woolen Mittens (Brendon Urie/Various) [RPF]
14. You Can Sit Beside Me When the World Comes Down (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, Ryan Ross/Jon Walker) [RPF]
15. That Thing About Good Girls (Blake Lively/Leighton Meester) [RPF]
16. D: (Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto) [RPF]
17. Dear Gravity (Brendon Urie/Lil Wayne) [RPF]
18. Basement Romantic (Bob Bryar/Gerard Way) [RPF]
19. Untitled (Brendon Urie/Cash Colligan) [RPF]
20. Winter Wasn't My Season (Brendon Urie/Shane Valdez) [RPF]
21. Breaking Point (Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell) [RPF]
22. Keep making faces all your life (Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell) [RPF]
23. Back to the Streets (Jon Walker/Brendon Urie) [RPF]
24. Worlds in Black and White (Jon Walker/Brendon Urie) [RPF]
25. books on the bedspread in languages no-one knows (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross) [RPF]
26. But I'll Stray (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross) [RPF]
27. Always, and again (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
28. Call It Home (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
29. Spencer Smith Saved My Gay Cred (And All I Got Was This Sparkly T-Shirt) (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
30. I slept with Pete Wentz, and all I got was some girly underwear (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
31. Prostitution Is The World's Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Sir, Am A Professional) and Damn You Look Good (And Possibly I Have A Psychiatric Condition) (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
32. so far we are (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
33. To Take What I'm Given With Grace (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
34. Untitled (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
35. did I find you, or you find me? (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
36. Kris & Adam's Infinite Playlist (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
37. Not Like That (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
38. Orchestration (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
39. Percentages (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
40. sing me something brave from your mouth (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
41. so much softer now (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
42. Sugar and Spice (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
43. Winner Takes All (deleted scene) (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen) [RPF]
44. Why Can't I (Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Sandy McCoy) [RPF]
45. Navigate Me (Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter/Gerard Way) [RPF]
46. Everything Is Temporary (rest your head) (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
47. Gonna Be a Mighty King (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
48. Let Each Who Is Worthy (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spence Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
49. Untitled (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
50. Just To Really Feel It (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker/Amanda Palmer) [RPF]