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Change Your Body (Transform Your Mind) Extended Mindfuck Edition - List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Change Your Body (Transform Your Mind) Extended Mindfuck Edition [Nov. 30th, 2008|08:29 pm]
List50 Fic Recommendation Challenge


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Once upon a time, in my journal, I posted a list of my favorite transformation stories. A year later, this is the special extended remix.

Warning: het, slash, gen, foursome, fivesome, mpreg, and so much genderswapped porn, you don't even know. Also, incest in Swap, The Time Dean was Sam's Girlfriend..., Turn It Over And, Wings Wetted Down, and Well Tonight, Will It Ever Come.

01. four boots, five thousand two hundred and eighty feet (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
02. From the Ruins 1 and 2 (gen) [Smallville]
03. Swap (Gerard Way/Mikey Way) [RPF]
04. Switch - A Comedy of Terrors (Clark/Lex) [Smallville]
05. The Time Dean was Sam's Girlfriend and Jess Entered the Winchester Family Business (Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess) [Supernatural]
06. Turn It Over And (Sam/Dean) [Supernatural]
07. What the Ohio Board of Tourism Will Never Tell You (gen) [BtVS/RPF]
08. Wing and a Prayer (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood]
09. You Can Find Out Firsthand (Mikey Way/Alicia Simmons) [RPF]
10. You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
11. adventures of sometimes girl (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
12. always should be someone you really love (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
13. all the daughters of my father’s house (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
14. Ambiguity (Simon/Jayne) [Firefly]
15. Because you looked just like a girl (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
16. Definitely Maybe (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
17. Everyone Wants to See Them Together (gen) [RPF]
18. Impossibly Delightful Flesh (Various) [BtVS]
19. In the Midst of Change (Dan/Casey) [Sports Night]
20. Just Like A Fairytale (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
21. Make Me Believe (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
22. Mangled Spells (Spike/Xander) [BtVS]
23. Not the World's Most Masculine Man (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
24. Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (what little boys are made of) (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
25. We Don't Fight Fair (Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
26. woman like a man (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
Species Change:
27. Australia Beckoned Songs About Eucalyptus Written By Koalas (gen) [RPF]
28. Back to Where You Are and Where You’ve Always Been (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
29. Defender of the Night (Buffy/Angel, Xander/Buffy) [BtVS]
30. Desirous of everything (Wally/J'onn) [DCU]
31. If you know my name, tell it to me (Various) [RPF]
32. keep it in your back pocket (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
33. (Panic! at the Disco Almost Changed Their Name to) Fuzzy Kitten Cuddle Time (Brendon Urie/Jon Walker, Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith) [RPF]
34. Rodney McKay - Cat Lady of Atlantis (gen) [Stargate Atlantis]
35. Scaly Dicks (Various) [RPF] (WiP)
36. Shed Your Skin (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
37. Silver and Gold (Harry/Draco) [Harry Potter]
38. The Corruption Series (Harry/Draco) [Harry Potter]
39. The Fledgling (sequel to The Windhovers) (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] (Series in Progress)
40. The Taming of The Fly (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
41. Well Tonight, Will It Ever Come (Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro/Bob Bryar) [RPF]
42. Your Axis On A Tilt (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith/Jon Walker) [RPF]
43. Dust and Feathers (Various) [RPF]
44. In Shades of Indigo and Violet (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
45. Marabou (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
46. No Treaty (Harry/Draco) [Harry Potter]
47. The Man Who Rose from Earth (and its sequels, Flux and The Rise and Fall) (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis]
48. Turn Around And Erase The Clouds (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
49. Untitled (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump) [RPF]
50. Wings Wetted Down (Sam/Dean) [Supernatural]